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DuPont Teflon Carpet Protector

Don't just clean your carpets, area rugs and upholstered furniture, protect them from stains between cleanings. Wall-to-wall carpeting, antique rugs and furnituare are big investments that are worth protecting. Our DuPont Teflon® carpet protector will help you protect your investment and help your carpeting, area rugs and upholstered furniture retain their beauty for years to come. How? It works in the same way that keeps food from sticking to pots and pans. It forms an invisible barrier around each carpet and fabric fiber. This barrier keeps dirt and stains at the surface. This allows your vacuum cleaner to be able to pick up more dirt and gives you more time to get spots and stains cleaned before they settle deep within your carpet fibers and upholstery fabric.

Most people know that carpet and upholstered furniture comes with mill-applied stain repellants. But, what many people don't realize is that over time, this stain guard loses its effectiveness, allowing stains to sink deep within the carpet fibers down to the padding, which could permanently discolor your carpeting and ruin it. Have you noticed over time how your carpeting and upholstered fabric starts looking dull or dingy? That is a sign that your mill-applied stain repellant is no longer working. Call Denver Carpet Cleaning to have your carpeting and upholstery professionally cleaned. Immediately after cleaning, we'll apply our DuPont Teflon® carpet protector to protect your carpeting, area rugs and fine upholstered furniture from stains between cleanings.

Denver DuPont Teflon® Protect Your Carpet From Dry Dirt Damage

Traffic area soil is very abrasive and cuts carpet yarns like a knife. This damaging soil can easily bond to an unprotected carpet. By applying protector, you will increase the life of your carpet dramatically. When you vacuum your protected carpet the soils will release from the carpet pile much more effectively. This means that less soil will sink down into the carpet fibers and down into the padding, which is what causes your carpeting to wear.

Denver DuPont Teflon® Protect Your Carpet From Spots & Stains

Spills and pet accidents will bead on the surface of a protected carpet instead of immediately soaking through the carpet fibers and down into the pad. This allows you to blot up more of the liquid, and because the liquid hasn't settled into the carpet fiber, it will require less cleaning solution and agitation to lift the spot. Most spots can be lifted with just water. But, for more stubborn pet stains, you may want to mix a solution of 50% white vinegar and 50% water. The vinegar will help neutralize the odor. Once you've cleaned the spot, then blot it dry with white cotton towels or white paper towels to prevent any color transfer from the towel to your carpeting. Sprinkle down some baking powder or plain cornstarch to help dry the spot and further neutralize any odors. Then, just vacuum it all up. Your carpet will look and smell great.

How often should I have DuPont Teflon® carpet protector re-applied?
Since the biggest enemy of the protectors is abrasion from traffic, and traffic varies with each situation, the general recommendation for re-application is after each cleaning.

Is DuPont Teflon® carpet protector safe to use on my furniture?
Yes, because it's a fluorine-based treatment, it is safe to use on upholstery made from most cotton, nylon, polyester, and blends of these fibers. It even works on Oelfin (polypropylene) fibers. The only fabrics it's not safe for are silk and other exotic fabrics that are subject to water damage.

See the difference for yourself

In the demonstration below, you can see that on the carpet treated with Teflon®, the wine beads up on the surface of the carpet fibers. This allows you the time to be able to blot it up completely because it hasn't settled into the carpet fibers. On the untreated carpet, you'll see that the wine soaks in and makes a spot that is hard to get out.

Treated with Teflon® Untreated Carpeting
Treated Carpet Untreated Carpet

The next time you need to have your carpeting, area rugs and upholstered furniture cleaned, call Denver Carpet Cleaning at (303) 395-1795 or use the form on this page to contact us online. Don't forget to ask us to apply DuPont Teflon® carpet protector. Don't just clean. Protect your investment.