Denver Carpet Cleaning – Carpet Maintenance Tips

A beautiful home or a productive work space requires a healthy and clean looking feel – the carpets must be spotless clean to achieve this feel. There are several tips Denver Carpet Cleaning recommends you follow that ensure you a cleaner, healthier carpet. Firstly, vacuum your carpet at least twice a week to prevent the small dirt particles from making their way deep in your carpet. It’s crucial you vacuum three times a week if you have pets! Denver Carpet Cleaning also suggest that you walk barefoot on your carpets so that the dirt that your shoes have been picking up doesn’t transfer straight into your carpet. Clean any spill or dirty spot immediately - keep a carpet cleaning solution on hand. Last but not least, get a steam carpet clean at least twice a year. Your carpets will remain clean as long as you follow these few simple steps.

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Denver Carpet Cleaning – Mold Remediation

Mold growth is a hazardous to humans, with the potential of causing serious allergic reactions or respiratory malfunctions. Mold tends to make its way to dusty, dirty or wet areas that are in desperate need of cleanup. Mold can grow anywhere, especially places that are moist, and can be carried through the air and spread out to the rest of the surrounding areas.

Mold remediation is the process of cleaning up and removing dangerous mold. The first step of the process is removing any source of moisture, therefore preventing the growth of future mold. If the mold is too large, call in a professional mold remediation crew to tackle the issue and remove the dangerous growth. Different tools can be used to remove mold, some including sunlight, ventilation, and wall insulation.

After the mold has been successfully removed, it is important to ensure that no future growth will take place in your home or office. The source of the mold should be eliminated and the area the mold had previously taken over should be closely watched. Let the mold remediation professionals take care of this process, don’t risk your own health!

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Denver Carpet Cleaning – RV Interior Cleaning

The maintenance of your RV is very similar to that of a carpet in your house, the only difference is the cushioning inside the interior – the padding and soft areas could very easily be destroyed due to rough or improper cleaning. Be sure that if you do try to clean the interior yourself, be very gentle and use a mixture that is not harsh on the fabrics.

The interior of your recreational vehicle is incredibly difficult to maintain, mainly because if you try to hand wash, machine wash, or dry clean it, you will end up ruining the fabric itself. Depending on the amount of usage your RV gets, dirt accumulates and your cushions are soiled – causing interior and sanitary issues in the long run. Denver carpet cleaners recommends that you take the time to clean your RV after you use it by carefully vacuuming hard to reach areas on the interior and by gently scrubbing any stains or spots. After your clean, call in the professionals for an RV Interior Cleaning job.

Once a year (Twice if you use your RV a lot) call a carpet cleaning service to take care of the dirt your interior has accumulated, it will leave all of your cushioning with a fresh and clean feeling.

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Denver Carpet Cleaning – Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can occur to your carpets anywhere, anytime. Whether it’s flooding, broken pipes, overflowing water sources, you name it – liquid will damage your carpets and could potentially develop an unsanitary growth of bacteria and/or mold. Water damage is rated based on it’s hazard level, but we’ll get to that later. Denver carpet cleaning recommends that you call in professionals to clean and disinfect your carpet within the first 24 hours, no mater how nasty the water damage is. Instinctively, some may try to dry out the carpet themselves and clean it with “clean” water so that it can dry out neatly – this just won’t do the trick. When you have dirty water infested in your carpets, a huge amount of unhealthy growth can form and more water won’t clean it out. Let the professionals handle the mess! Don’t put your health on the line by trying to deal with it yourself. Denver carpet cleaning has technicians on the line waiting to solve your carpet issues. Don’t wait – it is highly recommended to take care of the water damage within a day!

As we mentioned before, liquid has 3 categories of sanitation. The first level is water from a clean source such as a plumbing line. The second category, also known as “gray water damage”, is water that could contain chemicals that are dangerous to one’s health such as an overflowing toilet. The third and final category is named “black water.” Black water is categorized as waters with agents that are incredibly unsanitary and could pose serious health risks to those around it. To read more about the water damage categories, go to Denver carpet cleaning water damage restoration page.

If your carpet has been in contact with water, make sure you give a call to your Denver carpet cleaning for consulting on how to proceed with the sanitation of your carpet to ensure nobody is exposed to serious health risks.

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Denver Carpet Cleaning – Area Rug Cleaning

A home rug cleaning job is highly important once in a short while – however, Denver carpet cleaning suggests that you look into getting an area rug deep clean periodically in order to prevent unhealthy buildups deep inside the fabrics that are unreachable with a vacuum cleaner.

Some gentle scrubbing and an optional soft detergent is a must when there is a spill on your rug, make sure that you take care of it right away. When you feel like your rug is just too dirty, vacuum the surface on both sides. There’s only so much you can do without professional equipment. As you clean your rug, you are carefully taking off the dirt on the surface of the rug, but the real harm is deep within the rug itself. All kinds of contaminants will find their way into the core fabric of your rug, creating an unhealthy environment to live in.

Getting a professional deep clean is highly important way to clean out everything inside of your rug. Depending on the amount of traffic the rug undergoes, plan accordingly to clean it periodically. Denver carpet cleaning recommends that you consistently clean the rug with a vacuum cleaner, but every few months consider if your rug needs a professional clean! Once your rug has a brand new feel to it, ask for DuPont Teflon® Carpet Protector to be applied! This will ensure that the rug will stay cleaner and healthier for a longer amount of time by blocking off spills and dirt from entering the core of the carpet.

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Denver Carpet Cleaning – Mattress Cleaning

Mattresses are a huge investment, and we all want them to last as long as possible. Denver carpet cleaners have a few suggestions on how to not only keep your mattress looking nice, but also maintaining it for the future.

The most important is preventing wearing out your mattress. It is recommended to flip over your mattress about once every 2-3 months so that each side gets an even amount of wear and stress as pressure is applied to it. Consider buying a cover for your mattress so that you can keep it nice and clean for a longer amount of time. This cover will make sure that the amount of dust and unhealthy germs your mattress collects is substantially lower than usual. Denver carpet cleaning recommends that every single time you clean your home and routinely vacuum your floors, take a minute to vacuum the surface area of your mattress on every side. Eliminate germs before they build up and physically harm you.

If  your mattress ever gets dirty, there are a few quick cleaning solutions. Please note that cleaning your mattress is very difficult to do without professional assistance, so before you attempt your personal cleaning, call Denver carpet cleaning for advice and a free estimate. You can use some sort of mild upholstery cleaning solution to gently scrub the surface (be very gentle and never allow any liquid to enter the inside/core of the mattress, otherwise you could easily ruin it). You can also use the same laundry detergent and water solution we previously blogged about. After you dry out the clean area, look for any stains or sources of germs. If the personal cleaning job was not sufficient, don’t hesitate and call Denver carpet cleaning for further instructions!

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Denver Carpet Cleaning – Air Duct Cleaning

In most cases, Air duct cleaning refers to your heating ventilation and air conditioning systems (HVAC), but often includes any sort of forced air components. Over time, these systems can easily become contaminated with bacteria, dust, pollen, and other particles. Maintaining these systems will increase the indoor air quality, and could very well reduce your allergies and asthma. Contact Denver carpet cleaning for a thorough inspection of your systems today – before you make your decision of purchasing an air duct cleaning service. Denver carpet cleaning service recommends you consider an air duct cleaning if you see any growth of mold inside of your systems, if your ducts are infested with rodents or insects, or if there is an excess of dust or debris stuck inside – possibly flying out of your ventilation exit.

Your systems will naturally gather particles that are known to be harmful to the quality of the air circulating in your rooms. Cleaning and maintaining your heating and air conditioning systems has been shown to improve the efficiency of your systems by increasing operating life, saving energy, and saving you the hassle of constant HVAC maintenance.

So don’t wait, call in an expert (certified by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association) in air duct cleaning to inspect your systems today! After your inspection, inquire about your next steps to cleaning out your systems for a healthy and comfortable living.

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Denver Carpet Cleaning – Pet Stain Removal

Pet urine stains has one of the most distinctly tough odor to eliminate. When you find a new or old pet stain on your carpet, it’s not game over, there are certain techniques Denver Carpet Cleaning recommends for the removal of the stain and odor.

As soon as the urine makes contact with the carpet, it forms crystals of odor that penetrate deep into fabric, ultimately causing the constant odor. Old or new, it’s important to take action against the stain as soon as you notice it! Take a clean cloth and press firmly against the stain to absorb any liquids remaining, you can place this cloth next to your pet’s litter box so that it understands the appropriate areas to take care of business. To ensure that your carpet doesn’t get ruined, use some water with an optional mix in of laundry detergent to gently go over the spots – make sure you drain out the excess liquids left behind. At this point, some may recommend using harsh vinegar to eliminate the odor infused within the carpet, but vinegar won’t eliminate the odor, and may even damage your carpet. Instead of risking your entire carpet, contact Denver Carpet Cleaning for an extraction of the odor. Not only will the carpet cleaning service eliminate the crystals inside of your carpet, it will erase the odors forever and leave your carpet looking fresh.

Don’t take any chances with your carpet – clean it to the best of your ability, and avoid using harsh chemicals that will ruin the area applied. Call a cleaning service that can professionally remove your new or old pet stains today!

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Denver Carpet Cleaning – Upholstery Cleaning

Your upholstery is the key to a great looking room, if left uncleaned, germs and bacteria could build up and cause health problems, along with damage to the furniture . There are steps that are recommended for personal cleaning, as well as some techniques that your Denver Carpet Cleaning service recommends to keep your upholstery looking beautiful.

It’s really important to clean and vacuum your upholstery weekly in order to eliminate germs and bacteria that may reside in your furniture. Your upholstery should have a label or tag indicating what kind of cleaning is suitable for that specific type of material, double check the type of clean your furniture can handle! Denver Carpet Cleaning recommends that you mix very little laundry soap/liquid detergent with warm water and gently apply to upholstery with a brush (Make sure that you don’t use too much liquid, rather the suds created from the mixture. Scrub very gently). Following this procedure, dip a cloth in clean water and go over all the newly cleaned areas, let the areas dry. Don’t forget to clean under the cushions of your furniture. Be very gentle. Once you are done with your own clean, call in Denver Carpet Cleaning service to bring in some professional equipment, leaving your upholstery looking amazing! Ask for the application of Teflon® Carpet Protector to leave a clear finish on your upholstery, retaining the beauty of your upholstery.

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Denver Carpet Cleaning – Dupont Teflon® Carpet Protector

A professional  carpet cleaning job will get your carpet looking brand new in an instant, but your plans are to keep it that way in the long run. It’s really simple to retain the cleanliness of your carpet until your next professional clean. Next clean you get, add a protective solution to your carpet to eliminate any stains from destroying the beauty of your carpets. Teflon® Advanced Carpet Protector leaves a coat of protective finish onto your carpet to ensure that nothing passes the surface of the carpet. The finish covers the surface of the carpet (that may be worn out or vulnerable) protecting it from outside damage. Request your  Denver Carpet Cleaning service to apply Teflon® Advanced Carpet Protector for you as soon as possible! Once your protective layer is applied, your carpet won’t absorb any spills, and will not repel stains from entering the core of the carpet, eliminating stains seeping through to the surface.

If you’ve constantly focusing on making sure your upholstery does not get ruined,  Teflon® Advanced Carpet Protector can not only be applied to carpets, but it can even be applied to your upholstery! That’s right, you can leave a repelling coat anywhere you want to prevent a disastrous stain.

So you’ve made the great decision to help retain your carpets beauty, and you added a carpet protector, but what’s next? Do it again! To keep your carpeted areas looking nice for life, you need to make sure that you clean your own carpets often, that you get your carpets cleaned professionally often, but also add carpet protector every time! Your carpet’s protection will wear off in time, and it is of your best interest to ask for Teflon® Advanced Carpet Protector every time you get your carpet cleaned to keep an active coat fighting off any possible stains.

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